tips for driving test


Here are some tips for driving test:

  1. Practice: Like everything, you have to practice a lot to be able to drive well. You won’t be able to learn everything through the books. So, you have to practice behind the wheel as much as you can. Practice so much that during the day of the test, you simply feel like the examiner is your friend who you’re taking for a ride.
  2. Don’t Try To Sneak-A-Peek On Examiner’s Paper: During the test, you want to make sure your full attention is on driving. Don’t try to sneak a peek to see what the examiner is writing. You may lose attention to cause an error which could be a reason for your failure. At the end of the test, you’ll get that paper to see what the examiner has written. So for now, just focus on driving.
  3. Know The Car You’re Using For Test: I’m talking about this from experience. To save a little bit money, I told my instructor I’ll rent a car myself and use it for the test only to find out that I don’t the handles of the car properly. Make sure, you know the ins and outs of the car that you’re going to be using for the test. This will automatically make you a lot more confident during the test.
  4. Prepare & Adapt: Make sure you’re ready for any kind of day during your test. It could be raining or esp. if you’re in Canada, IT COULD BE SNOWING. Don’t worry about the weather conditions and just focus on the test. This goes back to #1 where you’ll have done enough practice to feel confident to take your test in any sort or situation.

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